About Eden Aesthetics

I was already certified on the apparatuses and machines I acquired. However it was for the safety of the public and my integrity that I followed the procedures set before me. I immediately closed the shop and did just that. Once I completed the hours and passed the state exams required (on the first attempt) I laughed at myself. My passion was relentless in the service of the healthy skin I never considered the process.

While I studied Physiology, Histology, disorders, and diseases of the skin I learned that the care of your skin is greatly connected with your confidence. That is a pretty big deal. The epidermis (the skin)is the largest organ of the body and protects us from all outside elements including heat and cold. It was necessary for me to educate myself on how to assist you with and answer all your questions about the dynamics of skincare.

There are so many unique niches in the area of esthetics, I found mine in Body Contouring, skin tightening, age spots, hyperpigmentation, pre and post-op care, acne and stretch mark removal. Especially for the maturing men and women.

Call and set up a consultation and share with me about your skin and health concerns.

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